Brian O’Dwyer, Founder of CognaLearn

By John | Sept. 19, 2020 | LRNT 523

Brian O’Dwyer is an ed-tech leader who is the founded CognaLearn in 2015. After serving as the CFO of an airline that was sold, he turned to a career in education. Though he has held other positions in the technology sector, it was as an airline management instructor where he realized that many employees were not learning what was demanded by industry from institutions of higher education (O’Dwyer, n.d.). O’Dwyer discovered Team-Based Learning (TBL) methodology through a colleague and realized that it had potential to be adapted for online delivery. He then began developing TBL software that instructors use worldwide.

I selected this individual due to my interest and success in facilitating TBL. I have used this methodology with good results in face to face advanced career and college preparation (CCP) and first year English courses at Coast Mountain College (CMTN). I am became more familiar with Dwyer’s approach during a webinar recently, a free introductory workshop introducing the TBL online version.

As institutions of higher learning were adapting to the current pandemic TBL instructors were now able to make the shift to online delivery. O’Dwyer’s success in this area is ground-breaking for those committed to the constructivist features that are integral to the traditional, analog version of the methodology. His work illustrates that important features of the traditional classroom TBL experience can be successfully accomplished online with requisite training in the software.


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