The Luddite in Me!

     What a wonderful exercise it was to create a personal technology-use map on the framework of the Visitor-Resident and Personal-Professional tension pairs (White, 2011). It really was next-level in light of having Digital-Analogue, Individual-Collaborative, and even Peer-Instructor guidance craftily integrated as we take baby-steps developing both community and personal awareness. As you can see by my map, I landed firmly in the analogue format for this activity. I spend a great deal of time online as a teacher-administrator for an online school, and there are times when I weigh the risks/benefits of digital or analogue processes. Some of the risks in this case include time-investment and more screen-time, and benefits include polished final product and strengthening graphic production skills. In this case, the benefits of analogue won out!

     Other notable observations from this exercise from a personal perspective are that while my map is fairly full and colorful, representing the extent of my online activity in a generalized way, it is also notably stark in the Personal-Resident quadrant. This bears true to my personality in my non-digital life, but gives me pause as I feel, or perhaps simply interpret, undercurrents of value ascribed to various aspects of these typologies. A not-so hidden learning outcome in our recent activities is what Dave Cormier addresses in his blog post dated March 31, 2018: development of a community, the balance of peer support and instructor influence or direction, and ultimately, professional practice. The tension pair of Individual and Collaborative (Cormier, 2018) in light of peer versus instructor direction intrigues me as we have launched into the MALAT program as a cohort with a strong back-channel of peer communication but minimal discussion on our two internal platforms since an initial surge in The Link: Moodle and WordPress blogs. I’m  intrigued by the initial energy, activity, and use of tools, and what this trajectory will look like over time. Returning to a self-reflective stance, I look forward to continuing this journey of exploration of digital identity and expanding my horizons.

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