A Revolutionary Digital Presence Plan

       It has been argued that, “We all want to change the world.” (Lennon, 1968), and I believe this to be true for many, myself included. I am very intentionally conservative in my public digital presence by personal choice, influenced by privacy and safety needs as a public figure (Muirhead & Robertson, 2021, 10:00), yet I am actually a prolific content creator within private digital communities. My overall goal is to further cultivate and expand my digital presence and identity through intentional, measured steps in order to be part of the conversation in the field of education and extend my ability to train and support participants in excellent online learning. My approach to achieve this goal includes the following:

  • Pursue graduate and potentially further studies in relationship-based online and blended learning, developing my Royal Roads University WordPress site throughout my current program.
  • Maintain my LinkedIn profile with more currency.
  • Explore and gradually develop a professional blog site.
  • Develop my repertoire of knowledge, skills, and resources that can be flexibly presented on topics relating to learning and technology.
  • Strengthen digital capabilities such as those cited by Helen Beetham (2015) to achieve levels of mastery in order to effectively support and train others in them.

       In order to achieve the goals noted, I will continue my graduate studies, invest time exploring self-directed learning, explore micro-credential training opportunities in specific digital and leadership skills, research options for domain purchase and website development, and participate actively in conversations through communities of practice in my academic and professional contexts. My success in these goals will be measured by completion of my graduate studies, publication of a professional blog in my own domain, and contributions to education and training for educators. 

       In conclusion, I would argue that we need a revolution in the world of online learning! Too many participants, including learners, instructors, and ancillary staff are excluded, overwhelmed, lost, disengaged, burned out, and failing. I don’t profess to have the full solution, but I do have the will, drive, and curiosity to seek solutions in collaboration with other brilliant minds, and knowing the potential of innovation and technology, I do believe, “it’s gonna be alright.” (Lennon, 1968).

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