Impact of Structures on my Digital Presence & Digital Identity Plan

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

The Digital Presence and Digital Identity Plan I have created is about making connections and working with different groups to share ideas and learn from other people. My approach is to foster online communities within my organization and other partner institutions. I see these online communities being what Dron & Anderson (2014) refer to as “Group-Net: The Community of Practice” (p.80).  They defined a community of practice as the “number of people in a network who share a purpose, practice, and often location but without the explicit hierarchies, exclusions, and roles of a more defined group” (p.80). Being a member of these groups will help me expand my network, get to know more people within my organization, and share knowledge on different topics of interest.

To further cultivate my online identity, I plan to use LinkedIn to grow my professional network. The impact LinkedIn will have on my network’s growth will depend on how much information I share on my profile. The profile is what other people use to find and learn about you before adding you to their network (Dron & Anderson, 2014). Therefore, I envision my network growing slowly with time; as I get more comfortable sharing my profile in public. In conclusion, all the networking and participating in groups will lead to new opportunities to participate in other groups, nets, and sets with whom I share similar interests.


Dron, J, & Anderson, T. (2014). Teaching Crowds. Athabasca University Press.

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