My Online Presence Through the Use of Technology

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What is my presence online through the use of technology? For this exercise, I used White’s “visitor-resident typology mapping process” (2013) to represent my online presence graphically.

In my personal life, I consider myself a visitor in the online environment. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable sharing my life with other people; privacy is essential for me. I use apps such as Google to search for information, Netflix to watch TV, and Amazon for online shopping. The only social media account I have is Twitter. I use it in a visitor capacity to keep up with local and international news and read about what other people or services that I am interested in are posting. The closest I get to be a resident on the web is when I use WhatsApp, Telegram, and Google Apps to connect with family and close friends. These platforms leave a trace of my communication even when I log off, especially when sharing pictures and files.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, I have been working from home. Consequently, the way I interact online in a professional capacity has changed completely. All the communication, workshops, and networking I did in person now happen online. In some areas, I consider myself a resident where I wasn’t before working from home. I use MS Teams and Zoom daily to communicate and work with my colleagues and people outside my department. I am in between resident/visitor when working on different projects with my team and other people outside my organization. We use various online tools such as Office 365, Google Docs, H5P, and Articulate 360 to facilitate group work, such as creating content, sharing documents, and developing online activities. Finally, where I see myself the most as a resident is with this new WordPress blog. This blog pushes me out of my comfort zone, but in a way, I feel comfortable with it.

Visitor-Resident Map

Mapping the same technologies/activities onto Dave Cormier’s Analogue-Digital’s alternative map (2018) showed me that most of the technology I mapped on the Visitor-Resident map falls into the collaborative/digital quadrant or digital/individual. The analogue/personal quadrant is empty. I could not map these activities on the Visitor/Resident map because they are not technology or online-based.

Digital Practice Map

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2 thoughts on “My Online Presence Through the Use of Technology

  1. Hi Anabella, I liked your digital use map! and I can relate on two things: the same feeling of not wanting to share my life publicly, and the feeling of this WordPress blog pushing me out of my comfort zone. I noticed you left your Personal-Resident quadrant empty and brings up a question, do you see yourself in the short-term or maybe long-term adding some of those Apps and online services to the Resident side?

    1. Hi Luis. Thank you for reading my post. I don’t see myself bringing apps to my personal/resident quadrant. I used to have more apps in that quadrant but it was taking too much time out of my day. Also, I am really trying to set up an example for my kids that is not good to be all the time using the phone. I like the idea of disconnecting once my job hours are done for the day. That doesn’t mean I am not streaming movies through Netflix or Amazon Prime. We use them as a family but there is no interaction, we don’t leave a social trace.

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