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Do I have Beliefs?

Since reading Grant and Osanloo’s article (2014) about building the framework for dissertation research and that the first step towards building research is knowing our own beliefs I have had a slow burn existential crisis and mild panic. The panic… Continue Reading →

Care as Theory Finding out via Twitter

Twitter is the network I have continued to engage with the most since formulating our digital learning plans with Dr. Elizabeth Childs in MALAT. In a messy fashion I keep inserting myself into academic twitter truly tone deaf and awkward…. Continue Reading →

Research Questions – Grounded in Theory

A good research question is exemplified through its explicit grounding in theory and “should embody recognizable aspects of the theoretical framework and articulate the theoretical framework in a manner by which is can be further explored by your dissertation research”… Continue Reading →

The Power of Reflection in Learning

I cannot help but be impressed with how powerful guided reflection is in supporting learning. I have been incredibly lucky to work closely with a mentor, Dr. Carrie Nolan who embodies experiential learning. She has guided my teaching practice towards… Continue Reading →

Embracing Lumpiness

My parents are from Glasgow. They immigrated to Canada when they were young adults, newly married in the 1970s. Growing up, friends would often say they could not understand what my Dad was saying because of his strong accent. I… Continue Reading →

Tossing the Plan in the Rubbish Heap While Wearing My Son’s Hat

Access to Education for Students with Disabilities

A key finding in our research is that digital learning environments support information delivery in multiple formats supporting accessibility for students with disabilities. Incorporating multiple means of representation is one of the three principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL)…. Continue Reading →

Unit 3 Reflection – Designing for Subject & Knowledge

The debate in unit 3 provided the opportunity to consider how design can create opportunities for addressing both subject and knowledge skills to create powerful learning encounters. When considering subject and knowledge integration over different subjects the challenges for faculty… Continue Reading →

Surveillance Presentation Preparation

At Cascadia this year the keynote, Brenna Clarke-Gray shared her Manifesto for the Future (2021). Brenna┬ápresented on the topics of creating care in education, the lack of care that became apparent in the shift to pandemic teaching and the morality… Continue Reading →

Engaging with Honesty as a Pro-Social Dimension

According to Cromier and Stewart (2019) being pro-social means bringing our values and high quality participation to the web. The question that arises for me is does that need to happen on all my channels? Which leads me to ask… Continue Reading →

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