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Reflection – Recruitment in the Design Process

For the final deliverable of this course, I am designing a digital learning resource to meet the needs of faculty at the college I teach at. While the resource will be online and open (using wordpress and mattermost) the learners… Continue Reading →

The Focus – Openness in MOOCs

I have been using this blog as a bit of a parking lot to help articulate some ideas and learning that arise as I consider MOOCs. A spot for the interesting things that come up but that are not part… Continue Reading →

Did the pandemic fast track the demise of MOOCs?

As I consider the principle of openness in relation to MOOCs it has occurred to me that xMOOCs, the current version of MOOCs that are relied upon by corporate providers are at some point going to be irrelevant and maybe… Continue Reading →

cMOOCs and xMOOCs Containers that fit the Content

In this inquiry work an early realization is the importance I need to give to differentiating between cMOOCs and xMOOCs. Tony Bates gives I believe a good job of describing these two categories with cMOOCs being the first version of… Continue Reading →

Rhizomes in Action

Rhizomes, I’m back to them again. For those of us in MALAT you will recall the rhizomes from Dave Cromier in the LRNT 521 course where he talked about being open on the web as an opportunity to create networks… Continue Reading →

MOOCs and Democratization of Education- Unit 1 Activity 3

The Massive Online Open Course (MOOCs) our group is exploring, The Science of Well Being, offered through Coursera created personal tensions for me that can be distilled into weighing the value of the opportunity to engage with the content presented… Continue Reading →

Final Reflection 525

My thinking has shifted quite a bit from the outset of this course in how I relate to and understand my organization. What I attempted to do with this learning opportunity was actually act differently in my organization and take… Continue Reading →

Change from a systems perspective

Last summer I was hired to design an online foundations arts first year program for a college which had only taught online courses as part of the covid emergency pivot response. The faculty had never used an LMS before and… Continue Reading →

Capturing Innovative Change

Capturing Innovative Change   This interpretation of successful change initiatives at Coast Mountain College (CMTN) comes from my experience, interviewing colleagues and considering the literature, revealing that successful changes at CMTN have emerged from small scale innovations that eventually integrated… Continue Reading →

Digital Technology Leadership: moving out of emergency mode and towards care of community

This reflection considers how the decisive actions and choices faculty made when they moved to online emergency teaching in response to Covid-19 required leadership but those choices have continued beyond the timeline they were meant for. The Covid-19 pandemic has… Continue Reading →

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