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Frameworks for Choosing Tech – Rabbit hole Part 1

So the entire conversation about the drawbacks of the LMS as a solution for learning technology has got me thinking quite a bit about my own institution and program and choices we make in adopting certain technologies and not others…. Continue Reading →

Jessie Loyer in the Field

Jessie Loyer is Cree-Métis and is part of the Michel First Nation. She works as an academic librarian at Mount Royal University on Blackfoot – Treaty Seven Territory in Calgary. One aspect of her work is researching how edtech and… Continue Reading →

Relevance and Contradictions

Immediate Relevance – Blogs and E-Portfolios Since embarking on MALAT and looking at the design of our program. I have wondered about blogs as spaces for students to develop e-portfolios coming out of the program I teach. We talk around… Continue Reading →

Constructivism & ED Tech

One of the chapters that was most interesting to me in Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech is the focus of chapter 4 on constructivism. Weller looks at the integration of constructivism into the education technology realm that he says… Continue Reading →

George Veletsianos – A reason to smile, a reason to research and a reason to be free.

A Reason To Smile Something I  could not help smile about is George’s response to the question asking him to make a prediction about the future of education technology. He says there is no way to hold people accountable when… Continue Reading →

Post Pandemic Teaching Clothes

Coming out of the pandemic where I taught online for over a year I am now reluctant to get dressed for work. The only acceptable solution has been making some kind of uniform. I have decided to get a few… Continue Reading →

Experimenting wth Social Learning Theory

For an upcoming assignment I am looking at social learning theory. At its core the theory is about how we learn in community and how we perceive  one another in a community and then align our behaviours and actions with… Continue Reading →

Reflection (Again)

I have been a vicarious learner in the Digital Pedagogy Lab through watching the hashtag on my twitter feed and tapping into the parts of the conference that are public and I have been able to access a few of… Continue Reading →

Do I have Beliefs? (1/2)

Since reading Grant and Osanloo’s article (2014) about building the framework for dissertation research and that the first step towards building research is knowing our own beliefs I have had a slow burn existential crisis and mild panic. The panic… Continue Reading →

Care as Theory Finding out via Twitter

Twitter is the network I have continued to engage with the most since formulating our digital learning plans with Dr. Elizabeth Childs in MALAT. In a messy fashion I keep inserting myself into academic twitter truly tone deaf and awkward…. Continue Reading →

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