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Post Pandemic Teaching Clothes

Coming out of the pandemic where I taught online for over a year I am now reluctant to get dressed for work. The only acceptable solution has been making some kind of uniform. I have decided to get a few… Continue Reading →

Reflection (Again)

I have been a vicarious learner in the Digital Pedagogy Lab through watching the hashtag on my twitter feed and tapping into the parts of the conference that are public and I have been able to access a few of… Continue Reading →

Care as Theory Finding out via Twitter

Twitter is the network I have continued to engage with the most since formulating our digital learning plans with Dr. Elizabeth Childs in MALAT. In a messy fashion I keep inserting myself into academic twitter truly tone deaf and awkward…. Continue Reading →

Embracing Lumpiness

My parents are from Glasgow. They immigrated to Canada when they were young adults, newly married in the 1970s. Growing up, friends would often say they could not understand what my Dad was saying because of his strong accent. I… Continue Reading →

Welcome to your site!

This is your WebSpace powered by WordPress site. It will be the home for your journey through the MALAT program, and you can customize it to meet your needs and reflect your style. Use these tutorials to learn more about… Continue Reading →

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