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Activity 5: Pinpoint the Media Debate in Current Events

Giulia Di Giovanni & Jess Sirois Article 1: Virtual Reality Can Support And Enhance Environmental Education Summary In their article, Jerowsky and Borda explain how the effective use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) can support and improve… Continue Reading →

LRNT523 – Assignment 1: People in the Field

Helen Beetham When searching for an individual who has contributed to the education technology field, it was important to me to find a woman. Women are underrepresented in educational research, and seeing that representation is significant as a woman. I… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on 25 Years of Ed Tech (2002-2011)

After reading the second third of 25 Years in Ed Tech (Weller, 2020), I see blogging as having the most relevance in my education. Although blogging has been around since 2003, my first experience with it was recent as a… Continue Reading →

Reflecting on 25 Years of Ed Tech (1994-2001)

After reading the first third of 25 Years of Ed Tech (Weller, 2020), I was surprised that the web was relevant in education in 1995. Even more shocking was that HTML coding was also emerging at the time. In high school in… Continue Reading →

George Veletsianos’ Audiocasts on Research

After listening to George Veletsianos’ audiocasts answering our questions regarding research, I am excited to learn more about their experiences in our upcoming course. A few of Veletsianos’ answers stood out to me:  “How do we affect change at a… Continue Reading →

What Makes a Good Research Question?

QUESTION MUST BE CLEAR AND CONCISE “Research question is clearly and precisely stated, as a well as being eminently researchable” (Andrews, 2003, p. 28). IDENTIFY THE VARIABLES Identifying the variables can be beneficial in shaping the research question. References Andrews,… Continue Reading →

Unit 4: Activity 1

For Unit 4: Activity 1, our team discussed The Impact of Digital Learning on Inclusion. Click here to access the interactive infographic for more informat Group Members: Giulia Di Giovanni, Jess Sirois, and Michal Gerov References Bates, T. (2019). Teaching… Continue Reading →

Reflecting On My Digital Identity & Digital Presence Plan

Creating my own content has been my main focus and concern as I develop my digital identity and digital presence (DIDP). After reflecting on the idea that “most curated content can be re-curated, mashed up, and aggregated, extending the value… Continue Reading →

Giulia’s Visual Network Map

Reflecting on my Visual Network Map When I removed myself from platforms like Instagram and Facebook, it felt like my network had collapsed. I find it very interesting how quickly those connections that I built throughout the years became in… Continue Reading →

Cultivating My Digital Presence (DIDP)

Analyzing the literature provided on digital presence and digital identity has allowed me to take a step back and evaluate how I utilize my digital space. Several years ago, I made the decision to remove myself from social media, specifically,… Continue Reading →

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