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Theoretical Framework

The theoretical framework that I would like to learn more about is the Adult Learning Theory (ALT) since my research paper is based on adult learners and ways to get them engaged in online learning. My research question is: In… Continue Reading →

Disseminating Research

Considering my research topic, which is “Engagement of adult online learners within indigenous communities in Canada”, for the dissemination of my research, I am considering a couple of options which are the following: One option is to publish my paper… Continue Reading →

5 Online Facilitation Tips

  Rationals There are many tips I could list for online facilitation but I will instead narrow them down to the five most important ones based on my own experience and the reading from this course. I will be briefly… Continue Reading →

Final Reflection

The most surprising thing I learned while participating in the design thinking process was how much what I had in mind originally changed into after the brainstorming stage and the feedback I received from users as well. I was surprised… Continue Reading →

Unit 3 Activity 1 – Test Stage

Our team decided to use the criteria from the rubric form the assignment 2 as the basis for the evaluation of digital learning resources (DLRs). The following is the list of areas to consider while evaluating the DLR: The design… Continue Reading →

Activity 3 – Developing a Design Plan

Description The issue that would be addressed in this digital learning resource will be to help online instructors with some ways of engaging the online students from the beginning of their courses as that is a big factor towards their… Continue Reading →

Activity 2 – SECTIONS Model

After the brainstorming stage of my design challenge, I was able to find many great ideas through my own brainstorming and from the feedback I received from my cohort. Thank you, George, Krista, Darin, Jason, Karen, and Stu for all… Continue Reading →

Activity 4 – Define Method

in the empathy step of the design challenge, I collected feedback from the online instructors and the students by a survey, after reviewing the feedback I received, I was definitely able to change my focus based on that information.  I also… Continue Reading →

Activity 3 – Empathy Methods

For my design challenge topic, I started with the following question: How can we help our instructors build empathy toward their online students? After completing activity 1, and receiving some great feedback from Jason, George, and Krista, and also looking… Continue Reading →

Final Summary

Our team, Khan Artists, chosen Khan Academy (KA) as the modality for our critical inquiry Assignment. We explored the modality by focusing on a “Basic HTML” course through KA, and that helped us to get a hands-on experience with the… Continue Reading →

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