Activity 2 of the LRTN622 – Advanced Research course at Royal Roads asked students to reflect on how they will disseminate their final research paper/project. I found this task interesting as I had not considered the aspect of dissemination because my main focus during the MALAT program was to hang on and complete the final paper in order to earn my degree.

My proposed research topic will focus on how current and/or future technological advancements can be utilized to allow for mandatory certification of volunteer firefighters who live in remote communities and are unable to have the regulated hands-on training that is required due to costs, time, and location logistics.

As I reflect on the potential dissemination of my final paper, I can envision adding it to my LinkedIn profile for future employers to review as I continue to enhance my professional development. Also, my main goal is to utilize the research to bring potential solutions to organizations outside of firefighting that have a need for certifying remote workers but I am unsure how to best promote this aspect as I am not pursuing a consulting career. Perhaps this could be achieved through verbal discussions with peers to develop leads or contacts within various industries but this is an avenue that will take time to develop and organically happen. I look forward to what opportunities may arise once the program has been completed.