Disseminating My Research

My organization is in the process of developing a fully online leadership training program that will run for 8-12 weeks and I am hoping to use the Community of Inquiry (CoI) framework (Garrison, Anderson, & Archer, 2000) to bolster the program’s effectiveness.  My research topic is: Community of Inquiry (CoI) in online corporate leadership programs.  I plan to explore several sub-topics including how to support the development of CoI presence(s) and how to measure the program’s impact/effectiveness (i.e. criteria selection).
At this early stage, my only firm plan is to formally present my work to key internal stakeholders, though I would also like to disseminate my research outside of my organization.  Given the topic, I think there are three suitable options: professional publications, conference/symposium presentations, and professional development workshops.

Garrison, D. R., Anderson, T., & Archer, W. (2000). Critical inquiry in a text-based environment: Computer conferencing in higher education modelThe Internet and Higher Education, 2(2-3), 87-105. http://cde.athabascau.ca/coi_site/documents/Garrison_Anderson_Archer_Critical_Inquiry_model.pdf