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Using Socilab, I generated a visual depiction of my LinkedIn network. An interesting observation is that there are distinct network clusters in my professional network with very little connectivity between them. I hadn’t previously given much thought to how connected my connections are, but this observation has sparked a question: Am I doing my part to be a “network activator” (McLean & Company, 2017)? In other words, should I be making an effort to facilitate connections between people in my network who could benefit from one another’s knowledge or skills?

Research done by McLean & Company in the past couple of years indicates that the answer is yes – that to be an effective leader in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment in which we all now operate, we must make a concerted effort to forge these connections (2017). This act of network activation helps both our network members and ourselves: network members are able to more efficiently and effectively navigate their challenges and optimize their opportunities; and we are better able to identify the competencies of those in our network, while simultaneously deepening our connections within our digital community.

As I consider the implications for my digital plan, I am interested to hear my MALAT network’s thoughts on network activation: Do you currently engage in network activation? If so, is it often in response to a request (e.g. a personal ask or a post asking for expertise on a specific topic)? and/or Do you seek out opportunities to create connections for members of your network?



McLean & Company. Integrated Leadership. May 9, 2017.

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  1. You raise a very intriguing question when you embed ‘expertise’ in a network activation question. It’s food for thought to assess how many of the ‘network leaders’ in my own map are there because of actual merit, or simply due to effective promotion…

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