Learning Theories

In the course of MALAT, and leading toward 691, I’ve become very interested in two learning theories, and they both factor into my final paper: Self-efficacy (SE) Adult Learning Theory (ALT) SE popped onto the radar during residency in a… Continue Reading →

Disseminating research information:

The concept of what to do with this research definitely slants the work itself, and I’d frankly not even considered this. Upon some reflection, I suspect that as I’m not in the standard educational system, I’ll be hoping to leverage… Continue Reading →

528 Week 8a, activity 3

What a great course! I have followed AR/VR for many years (was an early adopter of the ‘Aurasma’ app that is now HP reveal!) and definitely developed a sense of tunnel vision when it comes to how this technology will… Continue Reading →

Facilitator Awesomeness!

INFOGRAPHIC HERE! The primary focus of my infographic was clarity and communication. While there are undoubtedly many areas where a facilitator can excel, or explore the ‘art’ of facilitation, these will be lost if core fundamentals are not present. The… Continue Reading →

527 Unit 3 activity 2

In reflection on assignment 2, I guess the biggest takeaway was that I was surprised how surprised I was. I have been creating digital resources for nearly a decade, and assumed I knew enough to make easy work of this…. Continue Reading →

527 Activity 3: Design plan

My design has evolved through the previous phases, and now seems to be taking shape. I have high ambitions for where this will lead in the long term but corralling the scope for this assignment has led to a nicely… Continue Reading →

527 Unit 2, activity 2: curiouser and curiouser!

Unit 2 Activity 2   When narrowing options down, I chose to rely on the ‘SECTIONS’ framework. As a summary, my progress to this point highlights the following associations from the framework:   Students – The demographic is very narrow…. Continue Reading →

And we’re back! LRNT527 Unit 1, activity 4

I have the privilege of flying a very high performance executive/private jet. The company I work for has a motto: “Legendary Service”. We achieve this often. At times it requires large amounts of flexibility, and I’ve just come through one… Continue Reading →

527 Activitiy 3 (+2): Reflection, Methods, and Barriers.

527 poses some great challenges to me, and in a timely fashion. I am currently involved in a process audit for how the safety program in our organization is operated (I have recently been appointed ‘CASO’, company aviation safety officer)… Continue Reading →

526 Adventures in inquiry:

As an assignment involving a developing process, we are in the midst of an inquiry and reflection. My team (MOOCtastic) has conducted research into the specific modality of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and elected to use the lens of… Continue Reading →

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