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For this blog post I wanted to introduce Brian Hamm from Edmonton, Alberta,  an educational designer of 1:1 and blended learning spaces. I met him during an EdTech Summit in the West Kootenay in the spring of 2018. The motivation to select Brian Hamm, for this blogpost of important individuals in the field of education and technology, was his story of becoming an educator and how he has used his own story to make contributions to the field. At the summit he spoke about how specific people along the way, such as a soccer coach, impacted his life at just the right time. These pivotal moments put his life on a trajectory he could not have predicted then. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Social studies and Physical Education and a Masters Degree in Education Administration. His work as an educator has taken him from Canada to Turkey, South Korea and Mexico, where he currently resides. He has been a presenter and keynote speaker at a multitude of conferences across the world, including the ‘Vietnam Tech’ conference, ‘Innovate’ in Brazil, ‘Educational Technology Innovation Summit’ in Edmonton and ‘Live curious, Go beyond’ in Mexico. Not to mention numerous Google ‘Tech Summits’ across Canada and the USA. One of his inspiring contributions to the field are his work as a mentor and coach for ‘First robotics and Tech teams’ in Monterrey, and his work as the founder of ‘Tech Crewsaders’ a student led organization which aims to bring technology innovation to schools, changing the landscape of traditional education. Their mission statement reads

“It is our mission to become the leading student-led technology support and integration team in order to revolutionize the field in schools everywhere. By Crusading Technology in Schools, one innovation at a time with collaboration and value both locally and internationally”(Tech Crewsaders, 2018).

Today Brian Hamm creates innovative curriculums, lead by newest technology developments, with the teacher/student relationship at the centre. He sees the possibilities technology can offer to students, who otherwise would fall through the cracks of a traditional classroom. His perspective on technology and learning is an inspiring contribution to the field of education as he “believes that every student can be engaged in an educational experience that compels them to ‘Live Curiously and Go beyond’ as they discover their own ‘Moonshots’” (2018). His enthusiasm for using technology as a vehicle for education is catching and inspiring. He speaks about how technology, if used appropriately, can enhance the student teacher connection. Brian has an impressive resume, highlighting his work across the globe in Asia, Latin America, Canada and the US. He may not be a hugely published researcher in the field but, as an educator myself, I think he contributes where it counts, to the students in his classroom and educators across the globe. He currently resides with his family in Monterrey, Mexico, while working in his role as the director of Technology and Innovation for the American School Foundation of Monterrey. He has a YouTube channel, active Blog and Twitter account.    


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