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Theoretical Framework for Adaptive Learning

My proposed research for the adoption and implementation of adaptive learning will be guided by the adult learning theoretical framework. Adult learning and how adults learn best, as opposed to children, have been researched and debated since the 1920s when… Continue Reading →

LRNT622, Activity 2 – Having the End in Mind?

This activity asked to get me thinking about what I want to do with my Adaptive Learning & Quizzing research and identify one or two ways in which I might disseminate my research once it’s completed. In all fairness, my… Continue Reading →


The purpose of the below infographic is to provide recommendations for achieving a balanced attention to the three presences of the Community of Inquiry model (Teaching, Social, Cognitive) in synchronous online learning environments within the corporate organization. For corporate synchronous… Continue Reading →

Final thoughts LRNT 527

Working again in this course with Design Thinking (d.Design, 2016) to produce a learning resource, reaffirmed the assessment I made at the end of LRNT 524 that Design Thinking in training and development needs to be incorporated within an ISD… Continue Reading →

Unit 2, Activity 3: Developing a Design Plan

Description The purpose of the digital learning resource (DLR) tool – named “Knowledge Center” (KC) – is to provide performance support to pilots, mainly those undergoing training for initial (QC) or recurrent (CQ) aircraft qualification programs/curricula.  Each aircraft type has… Continue Reading →

Unit 1 – Activity 4: The Define Phase

Activity 4 asked me to review the Bootcamp Bootleg (d.Design, 2016) and the Design Kit (IDEO, 2015) and identify methods I would use to empathize with my trainees in relation to the solution described in Activity 3. In Activity 3,… Continue Reading →

Unit 1 – Activities 2 & 3: Empathy Phase & Methods

Design Challenge: How might we improve our learners’ training experience by supporting them in their study and provide them with reference material once they’ve graduated? Current situation Initial qualification aircraft type rating is an intense 60-day (net) training program consisting… Continue Reading →

Activity 3 – Learning Apps

As part of our team project, we were asked to pick a learning event and delivery technology that we would like to experience and explore as a team. Our team decided to look closer to Apps and more specifically, the… Continue Reading →

LRNT 525 – Final Thoughts

This course allowed me to review foundational theories of leadership and change, and investigate how they may apply in the context of a digital learning environment. Although the majority of the readings did not apply to my environment, Biech (2007)… Continue Reading →

Toolkit for Innovation, Change and Digital Learning Implementation

Co-Authored by Danielle Stokes (Beare), Dino Hatzigeorgiou, Phyz Wilkes and Tanya Heck. Completing an assignment for LRNT 525 at Royal Roads University MALAT program, we worked as a group to develop a planning tool for the implementation of learning technology within… Continue Reading →

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