This activity asked to get me thinking about what I want to do with my Adaptive Learning & Quizzing research and identify one or two ways in which I might disseminate my research once it’s completed.

In all fairness, my focus is to develop proper research questions to guide my synthesis and write a good research paper. The least of my worries is how to make it public. This topic may have some work-specific application, so I am not sure if the general academic community would be interested in it. My research will be definitely of use in my organization should we pursue adaptive, as I’m trying to drive a significant cultural and innovation shift from traditional approaches to eLearning design and development because those approaches result in low levels of learning effectiveness, engagement and experience. “Page turners”, are almost unavoidable due to limitations in resources and time constraints.

Perhaps more ideas will come to mind when I’m in the process of research and writing, but right now I think some dissemination environments to communicate a summary and key takeaways might be:

  • In-company meetings with stakeholders
  • Symposia or conferences specific to my industry, such as the WATS (World Aviation Training Summit)
  • Learning conferences, such as I4PL (Institute for Performance and Learning)
  • Select social media & online groups
  • Convince regulatorily bodies to approve Adaptive as an alternative means of recurrent training compliance.