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I am a status member of the Ktunaxa First Nations. I graduated New Media and Web Development from BCIT, and my PIDP from VCC.

Community of Inquiry – Tools for Indigenous Learning Circles Infographic

An effective Community of Inquiry is created through facilitation; as Vaughn et al point out; “Of all aspects of the Community of Inquiry framework, the activities of facilitation are the most critical; facilitation manages the overlap between all three presences… Continue Reading →

3-2-1 Facilitate

3 thoughts about digital facilitation Digital facilitation has become a buzz idea recently, given the need for most educational institutions and educational organizations to move into the online space. For some institutions this might be its first foray into establishing… Continue Reading →

Emotions in Reflective Practice

Boud, Keogh, and Walker’s (1985) model of reflection invites a view of reflective practice that is grounded in our emotions. I’ve taken this model as a beginning format in order to enable myself to reflect back on the work that… Continue Reading →

A Critical Academic Reflection on Advanced Ed Tech

Educational Technology can be a difficult term to define. In my classes presentations many examples of Ed Tech were explored and commented on by the presenting group. Many of the Ed Tech examples that were used to illustrate the wide… Continue Reading →

On reflection of the possibility of an Indigenous informed MOOC

MOOC’s (massive open online courses) hit their zenith in 2012 with The New York Times proclaiming that the year was the Year of the MOOC (Pappano, 2012). Since then the acronym has become familiar to most within education, and will… Continue Reading →

A Leadership Reflection

The COVID-19 world-wide pandemic has changed everything. But at times like this, where change is everywhere, and encompasses almost all aspects of our lives, the need for creating change management plans and project plans become even more of a priority…. Continue Reading →

Project Management vs. Change Management

Change Management can be thought of as the process of changing people’s thought patterns within an organization. Project Management may be envisioned as the pragmatic, practical steps that need to be designed for the change within an organization to take… Continue Reading →

Ready or Not

Change within organizations can be difficult and complicated; the mechanisms that need to mesh together and work in concert in order to create change are wide and varied. It’s helpful to create organizational groupings of all these individual mechanisms in… Continue Reading →

Leadership De-Constructed

I work as the director of a Skills Division in a non-profit that delivers tech sector knowledge to Indigenous Peoples throughout British Columbia. The First Nations Technology Council exists to help First Nations in the province to build technical knowledge… Continue Reading →

Field of Innovation: Renewal and Change

Considering the field of distance learning, Innovation is closed aligned with technological changes. The concept of what is encompassed within the term technology is a larger pool of concepts that what immediately may come to mind. Technology does not only… Continue Reading →

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