This is a revisit post after our MALAT class spent 4 weeks delivering 4 separate facilitation modules that were created and delivered by groups of students in the program. Each group chose a subject and utilized various forms of digital delivery methods. The resulting modules were varied in terms of approaches, delivery methodologies and flow. These are my reflections.

3 Thoughts about Digital Facilitation

  • Digital Facilitation can take many different approaches
  • A chosen Digital Facilitation methodology does not need to be unduly tied to a certain type of digital format; it can be combined with any type of format
  • Overly used digital formats – such as blogs, forums, etc – can be made unique if a team is willing to explore the use of them

2 Questions about Digital Facilitation

  • Will future digital deliveries change as technology changes?
  • Will old stand-by’s – such as blogs, forums, etc – still be useful in the future?

1 Metaphor

More of a statement then a Metaphor: is the message as important as the medium or is it more so? Should it be?