3 thoughts about digital facilitation

Digital facilitation has become a buzz idea recently, given the need for most educational institutions and educational organizations to move into the online space. For some institutions this might be its first foray into establishing an online learning environment of any type, while for others it might be a re-imaging of their online spaces.

Digital facilitation is not something that simply is a by-product of moving into or simply establishing an online learning environment.

Digital facilitation is not only embodied in the “digitization” of curriculum. The creation of curriculum into online appropriate material – that is; material that is enabled and functions within the online world such as jpeg images, moving gifs, emoticons, text, audio files, and video – does not create the whole of Digital Facilitation.

2 questions about digital facilitation

While unpacking the term Digital Facilitation – what does this mean? Breaking this down further; taking away the buzz around Digital Facilitation – although this term perhaps is not specifically referred to there is great interest around creating online learning environments and creating the opportunity of utilizing online environments to establish accessible portals for learning – what domains are referred to specifically?

To whom does it belong to?

1 metaphor about digital facilitation

The fox who, along the path, spies the grapes that he wishes, but in the end cannot reach and so resolves that they were sour anyway is how I feel I see the efforts of the education field in it’s fervour to move online; we’d like to create a exceptional learning environment that fulfils all the requirements, needs and expectations of students and learning theorists, but I guess these pdfs in Moodle will do.