Activity 9-1

Digital facilitation still feels awkward and I am still not a fan of it. There are certainly many reasons for it and to summarize assignment 4, it doesn’t seem to suit my personality and teaching style. I am not looking to change either of them. It makes me wonder then:

  1. Is it possible to overcome this issue with better technology?
  2. If this technology does not exist yet, how would it function so that it would make #1 possible?

To answer my own question “but why bother?”,  I thought about 3 moments that I enjoyed

  • Brainstorming ideas in the planning phase.
  • Critiquing the whole thing.
  • Learning from a not-so-enjoyable experience.

Perhaps, there is a place for me (if it exists) in the background, on the support team.



One thought on “Activity 9-1

  1. Thanks Denys. It sounds like it was a challenging experience, but that you took away some valuable learning about what works (and in this case what doesn’t work) for your particular style. Thanks for your thoughtful reflection.

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