So what? And who cares?

It is difficult for me to imagine that in the process of doing this research project, I will discover something of significant importance. To some, it might look like a lack of faith on my part, to others like a pragmatic and rather realistic assessment of my situation. The truth is probably somewhere in the middle.
Let’s imagine, I produce a quality paper. So what? Mid-program I have made a decision to steer clear of the education system because I do not believe we are suitable for each other. Therefore, it is unlikely for this paper to become a stepping stone towards something greater. This brings me to another important question. Who cares? It is unlikely that many people will because I am not an instructor now and I will not be a part of the education system after I graduate. I will return to counselling. If I end up working for a non-profit, perhaps, a program manager or a co-worker might be curious. If I end up working for myself, my clients are unlikely to see my paper or even benefit from it. That’s why I don’t see much of a sense in disseminating it.
What is the point of doing this research project then? For others, it might turn out to be none at all and I am fine with that. I will be doing it for myself, for the skills acquired in the process and for a sense of accomplishment at the end.

One thought on “So what? And who cares?

  1. A very honest post on disseminating research Denys. I think there are a lot of students and faculty who feel similarly. And it may be that the full paper doesn’t get shared widely, or at all, however, they may be key findings that you find that you may want to share, or that may be relevant in some way to another aspect of your life and career.

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