George Veletsianos’ session on research

It is probably too early to worry about doing an actual research project, since it’s more than a year away. And yet it already feels like a heavy weight mostly because I am not sure where to begin or what questions to ask. That’s why George Veletsianos’ session was so useful. It helped me realize that it is normal, I am not alone, many MALAT students feel the same.

At the beginning of this course I was not aware of research ethics. By the end of it, I was under the impression that it’s way too complicated.  It was good to hear from George Veletsianos that someone will guide us through the process. He calmed my fears that submitting a research proposal to REB is not in any way similar to going through a judgment day and I will not be sent to eternal hell for ethical violations.

I also found it interesting that I can choose to do my research outside of Canada, since I still have ties to Ukraine, where I was born and raised. Although it seems somewhat limiting, especially considering the very likely possibility that it will be less relevant to Canada and my future career here.

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  1. Yes, I often think of the review board as my “friend” making sure that I cause not harm to others with my study. It’s easy to overlook small ways that open the potential for harm so I appreciate the additional “eyes”.

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