Reflection on COI and critical inqueiry of Discord


The past 2 months have witnessed my learning experience to make critical inquiry of discord, a digital learning platform, as well as a learning events of how to use this technology in establishing social connection in the first year of engineering course.

During the process, our team explore all elements of community of inquiry to analyze the pros and cons of Discord. By investigating the technology from 3 dimensions, namely teaching presence, social presence and cognitive presence, I have build a profound understand of the use of the new technology in digital learning environment withr reference to the 3 principles. First is the instructors’ role in digital education environment, who should be responsible for the overall design of the course and learning environment and act as the facilitator of engaging discourse. Apart from that, from the social presence perspective, I learn how individuals merger their authentic selves into a group via a specific communication medium. Finally, I understand the value of cognitive presence in the construction of meaning by sustained discourse and reflection. It is from all the 3 aspects of inquiry that I reach a holistic overview of the technology of Discord: the positives include the common identity and improved discourse among learners, while informal and other inappropriate communication inevitably result in problems such as marginalization, and Subjugation to core values.

It is with this project of critical inquiry of Discord that I reflect on the use of COI and the holistic analysis of the digital tools used in education.