LRNT 528 3-2-1 Reflection

Three (3) initial thoughts about digital facilitation

  1. Online/digital learning experiences allow for learners to learn “on the go”
  2. The level of student participation in a online course community
  3. It’s important to be clear about facilitator presence at the beginning of an online course/learning experience

Two (2) Questions about digital facilitation

  1. How do you determine the appropriate level of facilitated/instructor presence for individual context/situation?
  2. How to strike the right balance in creating a supportive online course community regarding the expectation of active participation when not all learners choose to participate as much as others?


Based on my experience as a learner in online environments as well the readings for this unit, online forum posts seem to be recommended as best practice to replicate the class discussion of face-to-face courses. But a Boettcher stated, “Some students may choose not to participate very actively at all; other students find it is the best way for them to learn in an online setting. The point of this is that for those students who need it, it is an essential part of how they learn.”

I’ll admit to not being a big fan of discussion forums, so I related to this gif…



One thought on “LRNT 528 3-2-1 Reflection

  1. Thanks for your post, Shelley. I am wondering if you could elaborate a bit more on point 2 of your initial thoughts “The level of student participation in an online course community”. Can you be more specific about this? What is it you are wondering about regarding student participation levels?

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