Reflection on LRNT 521 Unit 3 readings






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In reflecting on the readings for this unit, I discovered that every connection online is an opportunity to learn (Dron & Anderson, 2014). Dron and Anderson (2014) have categorized the social forms of learning from online connections into groups, sets, networks and collectives. While I see opportunity to be part of any of theses social forms of learning, I see my involvement in networks to be most applicable to my current goals associated with cultivating my digital identity and presence.

In participating in networks as a learning opportunity, I relate to the importance of digital capability as outlines in Beetham’s (2015) blog post, specifically the learner example.  In working on building digital capability, there is a large list of skills that are important (Beetham, 2015).  The main skill I need to work on is digital communication such as “communicate with other people in a range of digital media” (Beetham, 2015).  A tangible first step in developing this skill is using Twitter to share this blog post!

Learning opportunities arise from connections online. By increasing my digital communication, primarily through Twitter, I can work on cultivating my digital presence specifically in networks.


Beetham, H. (2015). Digital Capability Example Learner Profile. Jisc Building Digital Capability Blog:

Dron, J, & Anderson, T. (2014). Teaching Crowds. Athabasca University Press.



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