Looking Back on Leadership

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Now that I’ve come to the end of a course on change leadership in digital learning environments, I’m inclined to look back on how my perspective has shifted throughout the process.  For the most part, throughout my career, I’ve been a very independent worker.  I’ve often held positions, including my current role, which require very little supervision, and my interactions with coworkers is largely transactional.  As a result, I’ve spent surprisingly little time thinking about leadership outside of the context of those in supervisory positions over me.  When I worked with Patrick Guichon, Mike MacKay, Jonathan Carpenter, and Cheryl-Haley Nix at the beginning of this course on a blog post on leadership attributes, it was from that personal supervisory perspective that I initially approached it (Carpenter et al., 2021).  I pictured what qualities I would value in someone in a managerial position to whom I would report.

Now, in hindsight, I recognize that leadership is so much more than managing people or supervising.  It’s not only about motivating people to see how their work benefits the success of the organization in addition to their own personal objectives, but how they can frequently be the same thing.  When individuals can be provided the insight that their own personal goals align with the goals of the organization, those individuals are motivated into action.  As a result, as someone who looks to move into more of a leadership position following my current studies, I need to better understand the motivations of my colleagues and how I can assist them in achieving success.  I need to think more about my place in the organization, as a part of the whole, rather than an individual working toward a unique goal.


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