Snippets of my Instructional Design Toolkit

This week I am tasked with showcasing a few of my instructional design (ID) tools and tricks, along with some personal attributes I feel have enabled my success in the field of ID. I decided to create a basic infographic to illustrate my ID process. By no means does this infographic represent a complete list of my ID tools; rather, it reflects some of my most frequently used tools and resources, from a high-level perspective.

For a PDF version: my-visual_51316112


4 thoughts on “Snippets of my Instructional Design Toolkit

  1. WOW, Jonathan! This is a great summary of the field of ID and a doorway for us to know you a little more.

    I especially love the design of this infographic! What did you use to create it?

    1. Thanks, Vanessa! I used a Web tool called Piktochart. It features an easy-to-use drag and drop design and exports image files free! I recommend trying the free version.

  2. I love your personal attributes!
    These are some of the attributes (Disciplined; Analytical; Process-Driven, yet creative; Innovative; Hard-working) we at BCIT, hope to instill on our students.

    1. Thanks, Patrick. I always try to inspire hard work and effort in my students as well. It seems to be a good approach in academia!

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