Final Reflection on Leadership

In my initial post on leadership, I focused on the quality of understanding as being desirable among leaders. This post was based largely as my own experiences as an employee and administrator. Now, at the end of Leading Change in Digital Learning course, I do believe this is still an important trait, now, I would expand the understanding to include an understanding of change and project processes. 

How can I help lead change? 

I can help lead change by increasing my awareness of affecting factors and increasing knowledge. I can share my understanding of processes and specific tools for guiding the change or program towards success. Changing districts provides a unique opportunity to share processes and tools from out of district. For example, my current school district is just transitional to MyEd (a provincial student management system). I am looking forward to assisting during this transition. 

What can I envision doing in the future?

As I have just started working in a new school district, I am excited by the opportunity to prove my worth as an employee and as a leader among a team. I envision guiding change in the future from a leadership role while considering interactions within a complex system. I hope to develoop the ability to be a leader who empowers others. In a K to 12 system, teachers are often left out of the loop during changes, as our students. For example, in a school system with so many types of users, there is often a lost opportunity to empower students and teachers towards the implementation and training of new technologies. 

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