Initial Response to Online Facilitation

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Initial Thoughts

    1. Pedagogy versus resources

Throughout the MALAT program, I have struggled with aligning the pedagogy versus the reality. For example in my last online facilitator role, there were approximately 200 students and 20 courses. There was also continuous enrollment so that no two students were in the same part of the course at the same time. The administrative task here impedes the ability to teach effectively.

2.  So much potential.

As I learn more about educational technologies, I feel more inspired by their incredible potential. As the expression that was so popular since the pandemic shut down schools, “We’re building the plane as it’s flying”. How can we land the plane to thoughtful reconstruct the most effective use of this technology?

3.  Mutual learning and teaching. 

To develop stronger learning communities, there needs to be a partnership between learners and facilitators.


    1. How can we work backwards to design policies and practices that reflect effective pedagogy?
    2. How can online facilitation reach the most disengaged learners?


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When thinking of a metaphor for online facilitation, I immediately pictured a wall. I started searching for images of the Berlin wall but found that too overly dramatic. Instead, online facilitation is similar to breaking the fourth wall in theatre. There is a certain fake reality that we have to first breakthrough to get to honest thoughts and reactions. The challenge is that the recipients or learners also need to take part for this to be achievable. 


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  1. I love your metaphor, Kristin. It does get at one of the more complex tasks of facilitating learning experiences – building and developing trust amongst participants so that they feel comfortable breaking that metaphorical wall. I was also thinking the “wall” could be their “aha!” moment that all facilitators hope they will see – a clear indicator of cognitive presence where a concept or idea that they have been struggling to understand finally clicks. They have broken through their own cognitive barrier in a moment of epiphany. Great metaphor.

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