Janette Hughes: Person in the Field of Educational Technology

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Janette Hughes is a current Canadian Research Chair in Technology and Pedagogy and professor at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Hughes’ contributions focus on pedagogy and empowering all people in the school community to use technology to incite positive change.

Hughes’ impressive resume includes 47 peer-reviewed and frequently cited articles among other presentations and publications. She received eight awards, including the Early Researchers Award from the Ministry of Research and Innovation. Her blog marks her involvement in every level of education. She consults with school districts and policy makers and published The Digital Principal (2014) to encourage the thoughtful and purposeful use of technology in schools. She also supports teachers and students through her research projects and publications like Becoming a Teacher (2015).

Her background as a Language Arts teacher brings a unique perspective on literacies including digital literacy and new media literacy. She is also involved in STEM research, but has placed an emphasis on the Arts, the ‘A’ in her STEAM 3-D Maker Space project. She uses technology to strengthen marginalized students’ identities and voices as agents of change, a particularly admirable goal in our uncertain and tumultuous world. This focus aligns with Watters’ (2014) suggestion that the educational technology should, as Papert’s said, lead students to “powerful ideas.” Hughes continues on this path to support educators and learners through the pandemic’s pivot to online education as mentioned in this video. Janette Hughes is person to watch in educational technology.


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