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In our Introduction to Critical Research and Writing course we’ve briefly addressed the topic of research questions. However, it wasn’t until our session with George Veletsianos that I could briefly witness how the process of developing and responding to questions takes place.

The way in which he paused and asked for clarification after each question was a reminder to me to not rush into the search for answers. Particularly, I noticed that he used deliberate pauses to consider the phrasing and implications of the question. He also frequently responded to the orgininal question with more clarifying questions. These skills help to ensure that the correct question can be answered correctly. In hindsight, this makes perfect sense. Of course you need to understand the question to answer it!

In reflecting on this presentation, I realize that as a new grad student I’m so thrilled by the potential for learning and applying new skills or ideas, that I sometimes hurry past the question phase. I look forward to practicing this skill in the courses to come.


Veletsianos, G. (2020). Questions about Research for George Veletsianos [Audio recording]. Retrieved from

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