Unit 2, Activity 2: Resident-Visitor Typology Map

The following illustrates my use of digital technologies according to White’s (2013) resident-visitor typology. Like others in this cohort, I have made my digital presence relatively small and have purposely made it that way. I recently searched my name on Google – while my Linkedin profile came up, there is another Alison Kendrick with a much larger digital presence that monopolizes the results (and that’s fine with me).

Most of the technologies I’ve categorized as being a resident of are used as part of the MALAT program. While I use those that I’ve listed as personal (Facebook, Instagram) almost daily, I’m only an observer, meaning I have Facebook to see family and friends posts, but I rarely post anything. Similarly with Instagram, I use it to follow bands, professional tennis players and tournaments, and dogs I’ve never met but think are really cute. 

Since I am currently job searching, I have included Indeed and Eluta (job search engines) and Novoresume (a resume builder) under Institutional, as well as Zoom and other video conferencing applications since I use them to conduct most of my interviews. I assume in my next position, these applications would likely remain under Institutional as long as COVID-19 continues to force people to work from home.


White, D. (2013, September 13). Just the Mapping [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSK1Iw1XtwQ

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