Unit 4, Activity 3: Final Reflections

This course has been a walk down memory lane as I’ve reflected on my past experiences with leadership, change, and project management. Some memories have been insightful, some have been frustrating as I recognize what some of my past leaders, project managers, and change leaders have lacked.

My initial reflection on leadership put honesty at the forefront of a great leader’s attributes. While this hasn’t wavered, I now recognize the importance of other attributes, such as communication, dependability, trust, and empathy. The exercise with my teammates on leadership attributes proved that no one has the exact same consensus on what a great leader should bring. I think its safe to say its easier to agree on what a great leader shouldn’t bring. But whatever the golden list of attributes is, I believe that some people naturally have these attributes; I also believe some people can learn these attributes, but only if they’re willing.

I’ve never been in a formal management or leadership position, and I’m still not sure if I do since it’s such a dauting task and easy to botch. But I would be willing to step out of my comfort zone and to be more involved in change projects for my next employer, particularly if it involves a digital learning environment. Despite Al-Haddad and Kotnour’s (2015) assertion that only 30% of change initiatives succeed, being on the team that lead a successful change would be rewarding.

If I am ever in a formal position where I must lead change, I will strive to remember O’Toole’s (2008) words, “people will only follow leaders who manifest the ability and willingness to take them where they want to go (p. 3).



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One thought to “Unit 4, Activity 3: Final Reflections”

  1. I really liked your comment that some people naturally have leadership attributes. I couldn’t agree more. Do you think though that perhaps anyone could be a leader regardless of their attributes? Perhaps the meekest of the meek could still successfully initiate a change providing they are focused on their steps of HOW-TO create the change. Someone who lacks leadership skills may still be able to identify the need for a change, identify possible resistance, plan, implement and sustain the change. In their planning phase, perhaps they would identify their lack of attributes as a barrier and therefore appoint another person to be the face of the initiative, someone more charismatic or bold. What do you think? Sorry…..I know it is the last blog post 🙁 Good luck with all of your future undertakings.

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