Misinformation and Digital Learning Environments

Misinformation is a big topic in terms of social media and the open web. I chose to examine the issue of misinformation and how it can show up in our learning communities. In my context of corporate learning and development,… Continue Reading →

Learning Technology Issue Exploration

Team 4 chose “Teaching online or hoarding Frogs in a Wheelbarrow” as our learning event, an elearning course shared by Todd Pottle purposed to provide educators with tips for online teaching. We found that the elearning course was shared through… Continue Reading →

LRNT 525 Reflection

A significant number of change projects fail (Al-Haddad & Kotnour, 2015; Biech, 2007; Kotter, 2008). Prior to the learnings of this course, if I had been asked why so many change projects fail my answers would have focused on resources… Continue Reading →

Leading Successful Change

In the spring of 2020, like many organizations, our organization had to make swift changes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic which resulted in temporary shutdown and layoffs. The organization decided to create online learning offerings to our employees in… Continue Reading →

External Scan

  Assignment#1 Visual According to Kotter (2008), approximately 70% of change projects fail however, he notes that with an effective change management plan success rates can significantly increase. There are several approaches, strategies, frameworks, and models used in planning and… Continue Reading →

Corporate Leadership Strategies for the 21st Century

The skills and attributes needed of leaders today has changed. It is widely agreed that due to globalization, digitalization, and multinational and multicultural workforces that traditional western business models and leadership practices may be out of touch with the reality of… Continue Reading →

Design Manifesto

Based on my experience of the design thinking process in Assignment 3a, LRNT 524, I created seven guiding design principles. Please follow the link below to view my Design Manifesto. Melissa Miller Design Manifesto

Design Thinking Challenge: Driver Safety Meetings

Design Thinking Challenge Transcript of Presentation To see further resources such as our prototype and design process documentation, visit Karen’s blog.  

Examining My Design Practice

My role as an instructional designer for corporate learning involves creating resources to meet learning objectives that positively impact our employees and the organization. I rely on computer-based, theoretical, and methodological tools along with some important personal skills (superpowers) to… Continue Reading →

Selecting Instructional Design Models – Is ADDIE enough?

As a novice instructional designer, I was taught that all instructional design projects could be managed using ADDIE (Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, Evaluate). Dousay suggests that ADDIE is the foundational process of which all instructional design models are specific applications… Continue Reading →

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