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Applying Weller Today

2009: Twitter and Social Media I found this chapter so adept at relating to the events of today that I frequently found my mind taken off into the minefield that epitomizes social media today, especially in our current state of… Continue Reading →

Weller’s 25 Years of Ed Tech: Enjoying Reflecting

I am enjoying reading this book, and repeatedly find myself going off on tangential trips down memory lane.  Here are a few reflections based on the prompts provided. What do you find surprising in these chapters? Why? One thing I… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the Jungle

By jungle, I mean the furthest thing from it in almost every way: a small, suburban home filled with peace and quiet, save for the space between a middle-aged woman’s ears, where dung-slinging monkeys scamper and shriek in a swirling,… Continue Reading →

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