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month October 2021

Rewriting History and the Future Using Educational Technology

According to Selwyn (2021), “[M]ost ed-tech endeavours are rooted in a shared sense of continuing progress” (para. 4). Nowhere is shared progress more necessary, and more contentious, than between the Indigenous peoples of northern Turtle Island, and the government of… Continue Reading →

What does the future look like, for Ed-Tech, for us all?

Education does not exist in a vacuum, but rather functions within the society of which it is a part. Given the ways in which the modern world has changed, definitions of society as a larger construct and from personal perspective… Continue Reading →

The ‘Great Media Debate’: Revisiting its Relevance

By Katrina Fraser and Alexandra Samur “Centre for Educational Technology” by hanspoldoja is licensed under CC BY 2.0 Emerging in the 80s and 90s, clearly a very different era of computer and internet technologies than today, the “Great Media Debate” between Richard Clark (1994)… Continue Reading →

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