An area of discussion that we focused on during our residency at Royal Roads University was cultivating our online presence and subsequently the mapping of our footprint. Below is a map of my current online presence where it’s segmented into Visitor/Resident on one axis with Personal/Institutional on the other.

My definition of a Resident is someone who leaves a footprint in the public online world. A discussion arose about email and how our dialogue is kept on servers so that in itself should be classified as a  “resident” since a record is kept in a virtual area of the web. For this activity, I chose to look at Visitor and Resident as where I cultivate my online presence. As a Visitor, it’s transactional, like a tourist as I come in and take a look around, get what I want and move on. As a Resident, it’s more of a “home” where I nest, where I take part in sharing and discussions on a regular basis and where I don’t mind having the world having occasional access to and where my friends/colleagues/customers know where to best find me.

As you can see, the bulk of my online presence is in the Resident side of the scale plus it ranges throughout both quadrants of Personal and Institutional as I tend to bring my same personality to both my professional and personal life. I am not one to broadcast various interpretations of myself as I prefer to just be me regardless of the situation.

Digital Map