Responding to the 2018 RRU Cohorts’ questions, Dr. Veletsianos posted three podcasts. His podcasts addressed the following topics:

  • Research on educational technology easily becomes outdated due to the rapid developments in technology.

Dr Veletsianos provided an interesting approach to drafting a research question to guide his research. Instead of discussing specific educational technology media, such as the use of Facebook, he suggested focusing on solving an educational problem where technology may be available in assisting in the resolution of the problem.

  • Research tools

Dr Veletsianos discussed a number of tools he uses in his research. To name a few:

– Phone/recorder for recording interviews

– Survey tools (Google Forms, Survey Monkey)

– Document sharing (Dropbox, Google Docs)

– Literature review (online library, Google Scholar)

– Qualitative analysis software (Dedoose, NVivo), statistics, regression software (MS Excel)

  • Research dissemination

Dr Veletsiabos explained that his research blogs are both a resource and a vehicle of communication about his research with colleagues and peers. He touched upon the communication style he uses, such as research terminology, taking into account that those that access his blogs are familiar with Research. On the contrary, the language used on his website and other media accessed by wider audiences are paired down to facilitate research dissemination and understanding. This distinction was made in an effort to describe the role of researchers as problem solvers of real-world problems, instead of being perceived as a closed community of researches cut-off from day-to-day issues.


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