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What’s with all the Hype?

The Hype Cycle tracks emerging technologies in order to stay ahead of the trends by providing a cross-industry perspective on the technologies (Gartner, 2016). When reading through Gartner’s Hype Cycle, it was very interesting to see that virtual reality was… Continue Reading →

Can we keep up with the continual change?

To Innovate is to introduce new, exciting ideas – so how could innovation ever be a negative? How do we constitute what is innovative? Why is innovation change but change is not innovation? After reviewing the required readings, I felt… Continue Reading →

CollabZone App

CollabZone App By: Kerry, Sharon & Sue We felt a critical component was missing from online learning and we wanted to include an inclusive, safe environment where students can engage in intellectual risk taking. Breaking free of the fear of… Continue Reading →

The importance of instructional designers

Image retrieved from: https://www.instructionaldesign.org/ Online instructors have to write curriculum, upload curriculum, help navigate student inquiries and ensure the platform is user friendly. Because of the amount of work the instructor has to do, it is easy to forget (or… Continue Reading →

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