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Assignment 1: Community of Framework Infographic

Facilitation of learning is an essential component for a successful and enriched learning environment (Garrison, ET.ALL, 2001). Facilitation can offer a well rounded approach to learning which encourages the students to enjoy learning and be involved with lifelong education. The… Continue Reading →

3-2-1 Facilitation!

3 – The facilitator should take an active role in socializing with students in a casual environment (shout out to Clint); This sets an obtainable presence and reached a larger audience, avoiding possible feelings of “domination” (Vaughan, Cleveland-Innes & Garrison,… Continue Reading →

Valuing Reflection

Reflecting on the points from OpenLearn on academic writing, the importance of a mapping tool is essential in the success of an academic paper/essay/project. I didn’t know what a problem of practice was before the class, but now I understand… Continue Reading →

Design Prototype

At first, creating an APP seemed overly ambitious as software would need to be learned and modified. I would also need to find new and inventive ways to entice the stakeholder to use the APP in a post-secondary setting. With… Continue Reading →

Mapping Tool to Diagram Learning Theory and Instructional Design

My design uses qualitative research to gain insight and understanding to establish a hypothesis for the quantitative research that I will be transforming into statistics. This means I will need to implore continual feedback and evaluations to ensure the design… Continue Reading →

Unit 1, Activity 3: Empathy Map and Manifesto

I thought that when I left high school, I also left seeing bullies and what they are capable of. As an adult in a professional environment, I see all kinds of bullying – from students, to faculty, to management; bullying… Continue Reading →

Unit 2 – Activity 1: Critical Academic Reflection

To further expand and make my thinking visible (Eisner, 1998) through academic reflection on the learning technology our team (Team 5) took part in was more challenging than expected. I felt as though we had assessed every angle of the… Continue Reading →

Experiential Learning with Simulations

Please use the link: to explore Team 5’s technology of Simulations in Healthcare. All questions and comments will be reviewed and answered within Eunice’s blog.

Augmented Reality in Healthcare

Augmented reality goes by many names and has many different faces. Most people use a form of augmented reality every day without realizing it, from Snapchat to Pokemon Go, AR is a thriving technology which offers a plethora of diverse… Continue Reading →

Final Reflection on Leadership

Through the journey of LRNT525, I have taken away a deeper, more meaningful understanding of what it truly means to be a leader. I found it interesting that through each assignment our thoughts and opinions as a cohort, mirrored each… Continue Reading →

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