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month September 2019

An annotated bibliography displaying the role of the military in the development of educational technology

Good Evening Classmates. Please find the link attached, which will bring you to my annotated bibliography for assignment 2: assignment2-annotationTemplate- KSharples (1) Happy reading and good luck for assignment 2 synthesis. Kerry

How to Write a Book in the Age of Abundance?

How to Write a Book in the Age of Abundance? Mark Regan & Kerry Sharples Writing a book may seem as simple as coming up with an idea and putting pen to paper. However, a quick internet search on the… Continue Reading →

Reflection of my theoretical and pedagogical stance

Being presented with the many theoretical frameworks contained in both articles was overwhelming and having to select just one theoretical position was easier said than done. Each theory seems to align with a specific objective, whether it be the creation… Continue Reading →

Reiser and Weller: What to take away

Both Reiser and Weller focus on technology usage, both then and now, with each validating the point of view of one another. Resier takes more of a media history approach, whereas Weller’s focus is more on higher education, with both… Continue Reading →

People in the Field: Margaret Hamilton

“One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind” all started with a woman who was not given acknowledgement for her efforts until 50 years after the Apollo mission landed on the moon. Margaret Hamilton helped coin the… Continue Reading →

The Endless World of Educational Technology.

Image: http://edutechwiki.unige.ch/en/File:Educational_Technology_Problem_Space.png From paintings on cave walls to live streaming, educational technology covers a vast and immense field where learners use tools to help explain and advance their own learning. Educational technology is derived to help problem solve and using… Continue Reading →

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