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3 – 2 – 1 Part Deux

Thoughts or Ideas 3 – Offer multiple platforms to engage and interact with learners. This encourages both learner and facilitator to “think outside the box”. My original post circled around engagement and interaction, I feel this is something which should… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1: Community of Framework Infographic

Facilitation of learning is an essential component for a successful and enriched learning environment (Garrison, ET.ALL, 2001). Facilitation can offer a well rounded approach to learning which encourages the students to enjoy learning and be involved with lifelong education. The… Continue Reading →

3-2-1 Facilitation!

3 – The facilitator should take an active role in socializing with students in a casual environment (shout out to Clint); This sets an obtainable presence and reached a larger audience, avoiding possible feelings of “domination” (Vaughan, Cleveland-Innes & Garrison,… Continue Reading →

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