LRNT522 (Unit 1, Activity 3) – What Makes a Good Research Question?







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Before all the hard work of collecting and evaluating data, the research question itself must be determined.  So, what makes a good research question?

A good research question is:

Manageable – A research question must produce data that can be argued.  It also must be answerable using information that already exists or can be collected.  It cannot be too narrow or broad or too simple or complex that it cannot be answered in one, or a set of, research studies.  Finally, it must be ethical and at least partially objective. 

Researchable – Given the researcher’s available time frame and location and the resources required, it must be feasible to conduct the methodology.

Interesting – The research question must be of interest to the researcher and potentially others.

Significant – The research question must attempt to solve a new issue or problem or it must attempt to solve a previously-researched topic in a new context or with a new perspective.


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