Several years ago when I studied management at BCIT and took on managerial roles at jobs, I had learned about and applied change management skills, although I had never studied much on the topic of the change theories or methods behind these skills. Our course reading written by Al-Haddad and Kotnour (2015) gave me useful insight  behind these skills which I’ve referred back to throughout this course and I’m sure I will continue to do so in the future. Until very recently, I’d never been a leader or teacher in a digital learning environment and therefore I feel this course could not have been more pertinent given my current circumstances. Sheninger (2019) talks about digital leadership and how the basic leadership traits we have always valued don’t change in a digital learning environment, although more must be considered. This course gave me a solid review of leadership skills and project management, while introducing me to data-informed decision making and how to apply all of this knowledge to a digital learning environment. This course has broadened my knowledge when it comes to managing and leading change in a digital learning environment which I’m actually going through with my job at this very moment and so I’m fortunate enough to apply the skills and knowledge I acquired from this course RIGHT NOW.




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