Organizational Readiness for e-learning initiatives.

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My cohorts (Dugg, Caroline, Marta and Sharon) and I have created an online toolkit on organizational readiness. This Toolkit is designed to address the question of organizational readiness for the implementation of online courses, which is an important first step towards a successful integration of e-learning initiatives in an organization.The idea behind the toolkit is to help practitioners and managers select the most appropriate tool to measure organizational readiness in their e-learning arena.

The theoretical framework for toolkit is based on the theories by experts like (see Piña, 2017; Schreurs & Al-Huneidi, 2012; Schreurs, Gelan, & Sammour, 2009; Watkins, 2014). There are five main pillars of the framework discussed in the toolkit – leadership, culture, people, infrastructure and pedagogy.

Below is the link to the narration of the toolkit. I hope you enjoy our research and wherewithal pertaining to this project. We look forward to your thoughts, opinions and a robust conversation.