Activity 1-4 3-2-1 Blog Post

Three initial thoughts, ideas, or feelings.

  1. It is impossible to substitute online learning for hands-on learning within a clinical environment.
  2. Converting a course from face to face to online is met with challenges and requires constant review and updates.
  3. Not all learners thrive in an online environment.

 Two questions?

  1. How can you incorporate multiple learning styles into your teachings to ensure learner success within an online learning environment?
  2. Is it possible to create an inclusive online environment that will promote critical thinking?

Metaphor or simile.

In my experience, I have found that I am consistently putting out fires or trying to figure out a way to “just” make it work while keeping my head above water. When I think it will be smooth sailing, a new fire erupts and makes it’s way downstream with me. I think to myself, what is even happening” is it possible to ensure that subsequent fires will be snuffed out indefinitely. Learners’ success is dependant on eliminating the fires and creating a learning environment that is smooth sailing.


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