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A Reflection On Assignment 2 (QOCI)

Reflecting on our group assignment with evaluating the Quality Online Course Initiative (QOCI) rubric. Initially, we had different perspectives on what we felt was necessary to create a group rubric that encompassed all the critical instructional design components of digital… Continue Reading →

  When the Covid-19 pandemic started caused significant changes in the way, I could deliver courses. The government, regulatory bodies, and health authorities worldwide enforced a shutdown of all educational institutes, including medical and dental schools. The shutdown caused a… Continue Reading →

Exploring the Possibility of Virtual Reality in a Clinical Setting

As an Educator working at a technical institute, it is evident that the pandemic caused significant changes in the way I could deliver courses. In March 2019, the government, regulatory bodies, and health authorities across the world enforced a shutdown… Continue Reading →

Leadership Reflection

As we navigate our new “normal” it is essential that strong leadership is seen throughout an organization. Leadership depending on the type of organization varies on the stakeholder and their contribution to the organization.  At the beginning of this course… Continue Reading →

Leading Change

When the COVID 19 pandemic shut down schools last march, it caused a significant issue for post-secondary institutes. Our school was hit hard with having to make on-the-fly adjustments to how programs were delivered. Our program’s most significant problem was… Continue Reading →

Assignment 1 | External Scan

There will be a new normal which no-one truly can predict completely but our world and our lives are, and will, certainly be different post-crisis.                       (Ice, 2020; Monash University, 2020).     Over the last year, it is evident… Continue Reading →

My Experience with Managing Change in Digital Learning Environments

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything”                                                 George Bernard Shaw   In the 1980s, the digital revolution was at the forefront, and technology that was analog was redeveloped into an… Continue Reading →

Leadership In the Digital World

As the world continues to navigate the new normal through a pandemic, it is evident that new leadership styles are emerging. I have witnessed numerous changes in leadership styles within my organization. Previous to the pandemic, my organization’s leadership style… Continue Reading →

Assignment 4: Design Manifesto

Assignment 3: Design Thinking Challenge

We were asked the following question: How might we radically reimagine the design of digital learning environments and realize the potential of critical instructional design in practice?  Shelley and I together decided to deliver our Design Thinking Challenge Assignment in… Continue Reading →

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