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The education in the 21st century is moving in a direction where almost all learning activities are dominated by computational technologies. While people are discussing the ramifications of the digitalized trend in the next decade, I will say that its ramifications can be considered both positive and negative: it represents something of a philosophical divide about how we view this issue, which is subject to variables such as the complex interplay between education and other businesses, technology development such as the media impacts on learning, the discrete needs of stakeholders(e.g. learners, services and platforms providers, educators, traditional institutions). Given the complexity and uncertainty, I will explore the future of education in 2030 from several aspects based on the recommended reading about the future of education:

I will first compare the pros and cons from the stakeholders’ perspective; for example, the challenges of online learning to traditional institutions, the pros and cons of digitalization of education for both teachers and students, in terms of their academic behaviors, management of student behaviors, and equal educational opportunities for more students. Meanwhile, from the technological perspective, I will explore the media influence on changing learning efficacy, and the benefits of dataveillance in early identification of students’ problems and designing solutions, and the use of students’ data for other researches. Finally, I will predict the future from the business level, discussing the interplay between educational institutions and other businesses in digital context and the impact on education.

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Eric Yu is a dynamic English Second Language Instructor in the areas of distant learning. He holds a Bachelor degree from the Shanghai International Studies University and is currently studying in the MS degree from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, Canada. Since moving to Canada in 2011, he acclimated himself to the local anculture, and quickly built a cross nation online learning practice, getting involved in IELTS teaching and other online training projects between China and Canada. Eric Yu currently lives in Shanghai, China and work as the team leader of online after-school education in Global Eduation of Puxin Limited. He loves music and is fascinated to search for rare CDs and LPs of rock and jazz musicians in 1960s. Eric Yu has performed well in a diverse range of team environments, from every corner of the world. He lives in Shanghai, China but travels around the world frequently both for work and leisure.

2 thoughts on “Activity 6 | Individual activity: Exploring possible futures (Blog)”

  1. Thank you for this post, Eric! There are many interesting ideas here, and it sounds like you will be attempting to cover a lot of information. This can be very helpful as you are starting to explore these interconnected topics. I would like to suggest that as you begin writing to explore whether some of these areas may not necessarily require discussion of their pros and cons. For example, if you assume that by 2030 online learning will be the primary mode of teaching and learning for some institutions, you do not need to discuss the pros and cons of online learning, because you’re assuming that those institutions would have already gone through the decision-making process of adopting online learning. What this would allow you is to focus more energy on the issues that seem more emerging, like dataveillance, use of student data, and relationships between business and learning. I hope this is helpful!

    1. Noted with thanks, George. I will go head focusing mainly on the discription of the rammificaitions ensuing the blossom of online learning. It does makes sense more. Thanks.

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