Reflection on Open Resources Session by Dr. Clint Lalonde 

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It is a rewarding session on team coaching, by Dr. Clint Lalondeby. Of the ideas shared by Dr. Clint Lalonde, there are on point that impress me most – the importance of social sensitivity in building a successful team.

This point comes from Dr. Lalonde’s share of a Google’s research on team success, with the results point to some determinants related to team building. Of those essential main ideas, the necessity of highly social sensitivity in team collaboration stands out. I see this point particularly important in online learning environment, where learners come from different backgrounds and do not have face-to-face communication to establish a emotional bond needed for collaboration. Individuals in the environment will be less likely to communicate and share their experience with others. In this respect, it is of paramount importance that a feeling of psychological safety is created in the team. It helps to make sure every team member staying involved in the work and contribute to the collective goal. It is very much related to the degree of psychological safety in a team, meaning that every team member can trust each other and respect each other, open to contribute to the collective goal of the team. All these are imperative to successful team work.

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Eric Yu is a dynamic English Second Language Instructor in the areas of distant learning. He holds a Bachelor degree from the Shanghai International Studies University and is currently studying in the MS degree from Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC, Canada. Since moving to Canada in 2011, he acclimated himself to the local anculture, and quickly built a cross nation online learning practice, getting involved in IELTS teaching and other online training projects between China and Canada. Eric Yu currently lives in Shanghai, China and work as the team leader of online after-school education in Global Eduation of Puxin Limited. He loves music and is fascinated to search for rare CDs and LPs of rock and jazz musicians in 1960s. Eric Yu has performed well in a diverse range of team environments, from every corner of the world. He lives in Shanghai, China but travels around the world frequently both for work and leisure.

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